Snoezelen Room

Snoezelen, or controlled multisensory stimulation, is used for people with various disabilities, and involves exposing them to a soothing and stimulating environment, the "snoezelen room".


Our Snoezelen Room provides a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus, simply by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds, and textures to the specific needs of the child/youth at the time of use.


The vibrant colours in our Snoezelen room, combined with a variety of both soothing and stimulating toys, lights and textures make the Phippen House Snoezelen Room the only multi-sensory therapy room of its kind.

Therapeutic and Exploration Room

The Therapeutic and Exploration Room was designed to create a fun space for all the children/youth to relax while connecting with nature.


The mural was designed and painted by our own staff.

Extensive communication program
Medical Services

Phippen House staff are trained in American Sign Language, iPad communication, Picture Symbol and other augmentative communication devices.

Often times children/youth are admitted to the home with a pre-existing team of medical contacts. We appreciate the importance of maintaining as much consistency as possible and therefore do everything we can to keep each child/youth with the doctors, dentists, specialists and other professionals that they are comfortable with.


In the event that a new medical team needs to be established we have several services to choose from.


• Quinte Health Care; Pediatrics Unit in Belleville General

Hospital; Children’s Treatment Centre

• Child Out Patient Clinic, Hotel Dieu in Kingston

• Child Development Centre through Hotel Dieu in Kingston

• Child Development Centre through Family Space, Quinte

• Physiotherapy through Quinte Health Care

• Children’s Mental Health Centre

• Trenton Integrated Health Centre

• Belleville and District Counselling Services

• Belleville Integrated Health Centre (Includes a team of

dentists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, massage

therapists and nutritionists)

• Belleville Family Dental Centre

• Local family physician

• Local family dentist

• Local optometrists