Phippen House is a home that sees each child and youth as a valued member of society who is able to enrich the community. The staff will support the emotional, physical, mental and social development of each child in order for them to reach their full potential. We will encourage their independence and achievement.



  • Provides a home and support for children/youth, ages 1-18, having medical, physical and developmental challenges.

  • Extensive communication program, with staff trained in the use of ASL and iPad communication.

  • Snoezelen room that allows physical, visual and audio stimulation that promotes the well-being of the children residing in our care.



       Prospect House

145 Prospect Hill

Trenton, ON.



Ferguson House

20 Ferguson Lane

Trenton, ON.


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145 Prospect Hill
Trenton, ON K8V6T4


Tel: 613-921-5067

Alt Tel: 613-242-6875

Fax: 613-651-0309


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