Phippen House provides a variety of in-home programming that focus on a variety of skills and interests. We provide Residence Programs, which provides programming for all youth that live in the same home to participate in activities together.



Programming is provided weekly and monthly that focuses on all cultures that are represented in our homes. We assess and review programming monthly, providing engaging and culturally relevant activities and events for our youth to participate in. We incorporate month long observances that our youth will most identify with. We value and respect the importance of maintaining and preserving the identity of those who are First Nations, Inuit, or Metis. We provide programming and community resources to build connections to help our Indigenous youth stay connected with their community and heritage. All staff are trained with The Other Side of The Door resource.



Our activity programming is centered around art and sensory play, as well as engaging our youth in the community. These activities include all our youth in outings in the community or outside of the community, like sports events, education centres, conservation areas, parks, beaches, the local YMCA and wellness centres. Our activities at home include art exploration, sensory exploration, reading together, and themed art projects that are displayed in the home. Our staff include our youth in designing a weekly window art project to connect us to our community.



Phippen House provides individual programming that is tailored to everyone in our homes. This programming is developed after observing and tracking data of each individual to understand what skills they need assistance in developing and areas of growth that we can support them with. Emphasis on developing independent living skills, social skills, routines, and visual scheduling is used when we develop our programming. We value the importance of a consistent, daily routine and extra supports with those that may struggle with transitions and keeping themselves engaged each day. Phippen House also works with a variety of community resources that can provide additional assessments and treatment suggestions that we follow and implement at home.