Phippen House has two homes, located in Trenton, Ontario. The two homes have backyards that connect, providing easy access for both homes to participate in activities together and extra staff support when needed. Both homes have a capacity of 6 beds.


Phippen House

145 Prospect Hill
Trenton, ON  K8V 6T4

This home provides an open concept living area, with calming spaces and a recreation room in the basement. The backyard is a full stone patio, with areas to sit under some trees. Those who enjoy playing hockey or basketball really enjoy this space!




Ferguson Residence

20 Ferguson Lane
Trenton, ON  K8V 6T3

This home is focused on providing an environment that is focused on its daily programming in the living areas. The kitchen area is less accessible to provide more focus on the living area where programming is done. The backyard has a full swing set with a disc swing, trampoline, larger oversized patio deck, bikes, yard games and toys, and pools in the summer for water play. The yard is surrounded by a fence and a gate where youth can come and go between the two yards.



Andrew Phippen

Title: Executive Director
Phone: (613) 242-6875