Phippen House


145 Prospect Hill
Trenton, ON. K8V6T4

Cell: 613-242-6875

Fax: 613-651-0309


Phippen House is committed to giving the best care to every child/youth. An Admission Package will be required from any parties affiliated with the child/youth being admitted. The package will include a detailed Plan of Care, social history, a schedule of daily activities, and a collection of any relevant information needed to ensure that each child/youth receives only the most optimal care.


We provide an open door to those interested in our home to ask questions and view the atmosphere of Phippen House. Please feel free to contact our home today and verify space availability, arrange personal viewings or discuss the needs of any child/youth.


A parent led group home for medically fragile children/youth including preschool for ages 1 to 18 years of age. Phippen House provides long and short term 24 hour care, along with relief for parents and foster parents.